Explore Every Spot in Surabaya with Rent Car Surabaya

Surabaya is the busiest city in East Java Province, and the second busiest city after Jakarta in Indonesia. People love to come to such big cities to earn more money for their lives. Since Surabaya offers people so many chances of vacancies, no wonder that this city is getting more and more population. As the second big city in Indonesia it also offers you many things to explore, food, glamorous life style, fashion spots, even cultural events. To be able to explore Surabaya and everything in it you can use the service from Big Benjaya. This is one of car rental Surabaya service providers which offer you the best service with the best vehicles.

rent car surabaya rental

Available Services by Big Benjaya Rent Car Surabaya

Not only it has various vehicles to be rented, all of them are surely in the best performance when you ride it; but also it offers you the best price you can get. Of course, the normal price will not be the same as the price that you can get in national holidays. To see more about it, check the list below

Car Rental Prices

Car FleetFacilityIn-Town Service
AlphardDriver & FuelRp. 2.750.000
VellfireDriver & FuelRp. 2.750.000
Fortuner VRZDriver & FuelRp. 1.500.000
Pajero SportDriver & FuelRp. 1.500.000
All New CamryDriver & FuelRp. 1.500.000
Innova RebornDriver & FuelRp. 900.000
AvanzaDriver & FuelRp. 700.000
XeniaDriver & FuelRp. 700.000
ErtigaDriver & FuelRp. 1.200.000
Hiace PremioDriver & FuelRp. 1.100.000
Hiace CommuterDriver & FuelRp. 1.200.000
Isuzu Elf LongDriver & FuelRp. 1.200.000
Isuzu Elf GigaDriver & FuelRp. 1.300.000
Bus Pariwisata (Medium)Driver & FuelRp. 1.700.000
Bus Pariwisata (Big Bus)Driver & FuelRp. 2.700.000
Price List Car Rental

Big Benjaya’s head quarter is in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. Yet, since it is established in 2005, it has spread it wings widely to ten cities in Indonesia. One of its sales center spot is in Surabaya, East Java. What services you can get from Big Benjaya car rental Surabaya are:

  1. Service for individual
  2. Service for corporate
  3. Rental Service for government
  4. Service for group/tour/event

all those cars rent services are in a package with the driver. So you don’t need to worry about being lost or exhausted in driving a car all around. You can do your business well and relax with the help of the driver provide. They’re all good driver who knows the route well, and they’ll always be giving the best performance so that you can comfortable during the ride is the guarantee.

Lets Explore East Java from Surabaya

From Surabaya you can visit various tourist attractions that are close to the city. Among them are Jatim Park, Batu Night Festival, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Transport Museum, etc. In addition, you can visit Madura Island which is connected to the Suramadu Bridge, one of the longest bridges in Indonesia. With the best car fleet, we are ready to serve your trip.

Another Service Offered by Big Benjaya Car Rental Surabaya

A rent car service provider commonly not only provides cars to rent, but they also provide some other vehicles to rent. Big Benjaya rent car also provides motor cycle rent services. But this service is only for long term agreement with certain corporate. Big Benjaya provides the various brand of motor complete with any accessories or modification needed the Most of customers here are those who work in food corporate which serve delivery services for their customers. For this kind of job, of course the ride needs to be adjusted so that it can bring many items in one way to go. It will help the delivery guys to bring them on.

So, with all the needs of vehicles that you don’t own yourself, you can come to Big Benjaya Professional rent car Surabaya and get what you want. All you need is available in a good way.