Get The Best Service You Can Get from Rent Car Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, as everyone knows, this city is one of the busiest cities in the country. Almost all human activities you can find there. If you want to have a close look of the city, better drive a car of your own. However, if you don’t have one, you always have a choice. Rent car Jakarta services are available in every corner of the city. Choose the best one which gives you the services that you exactly need, like the availability of the driver. Big Benjaya Car Rental is the car rental Jakarta which provide you not only the car but also the experienced and talented driver. By utilizing this service, your journey would be nothing than a meaningful ride ever.

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What You Get When You Use Rent Car Jakarta Service

As the customer, you will be provided by the best service that you can have by Big Benjaya Car Rental. With its luxurious devices and fleets available you will get the best experience in renting a car. And no need to worry about the price, Big Benjaya knows how to treat you well here.

Car Rental Prices JABODETABEK

Car FleetFacilityIn-Town Service
AlphardDriver & FuelRp. 3.000.000
VellfireDriver & FuelRp. 3.000.000
Fortuner VRZDriver & FuelRp. 1.700.000
Pajero SportDriver & FuelRp. 1.700.000
All New CamryDriver & FuelRp. 1.800.000
Innova RebornDriver & FuelRp. 1.000.000
AvanzaDriver & FuelRp. 800.000
XeniaDriver & FuelRp. 800.000
ErtigaDriver & FuelRp. 800.000
Hiace PremioDriver & FuelRp. 1.500.000
Hiace CommuterDriver & FuelRp. 1.300.000
Isuzu Elf LongDriver & FuelRp. 1.400.000
Isuzu Elf GigaDriver & FuelRp. 1.550.000
Bus Pariwisata (Medium)Driver & FuelRp. 3.000.000
Bus Pariwisata (Big Bus)Driver & FuelRp. 4.500.000
Price List Car Rental Jakarta

First of all, when you take car rental Jakarta with Big Benjaya Car Rental you will get a driver automatically. It’s due to this is the only service they offer the costumers. It means, you cannot rent a car only without a driver. And therefore, you’ll be guaranteed by the best driver ever. You can be assured that the driver they give you is the experienced one, friendly, having a great personality and good behavior, and what is not less important is they will always be set in tidy performance. These drivers will give you the comfortable ride yet punctual, especially when you are in hurry for an important meeting. Their knowledge of the route, will help you reach the destination safely in managed time.

Then, you know that your option of what you ride may show your character. And Big Benjaya Car Rental understands this. And therefore, it provides you with so many options of ride based on what you need. Just choose what car you want to ride, and see if your option is on Big Benjaya’s list or not. You’ll be surprise by then.

Maximum Service from Car Rental Jakarta Service Provider

Jakarta is known as a hot capital. People who live there should be able to bear the sun’s heat every day to survive. In this situation, driving a car could drive you crazy. And that’s why comfort is important when you drive a car in Jakarta road, especiallWhat You Get When You Use Rent Car Jakarta Servicey during the rush hour. You should have a comfortable car with cooling interior so that you don’t have to fight the Jakarta’s heat. If you don’t have your own car, but you need a car for certain ceremonies or occasion, the best suggestion is that try to get the comfortable one. And the best recommendation for you to get rent car Jakarta is Big Benjaya Car Rent. It has various cars that absolutely suit your need of comfort. Trusted by so many costumers, it is worth trying to get a rent service there.