Rent Car Lampung Agency Will Take You to Enjoy the Amazing Lampung

Lampung is the gate for visitors who want to visit Sumatera Island. As you cross Merak strait and you see the huge building with unique roof, it has nine cone-shaped roofs in yellow color, it means that you’ll soon touch the land of Lampung. As you get there, to explore many tourism spots you can use the services provided by rent car Lampung agency. Big Benjaya is one of travel agencies in Indonesia which has hundreds of sales point center including in Lampung. So, when you mean to have a vacation in Lampung, just use the services from this car rental Lampung. They have professional crews who will assist you in all the way you need. With its experience in handling more than a thousand clients, it is an insurance that the best service is only what you get.

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Rent Car Lampung is the best rental agency for you

Big Benjaya car rental also offers you another friendly offer in term of price and payment. It gives you reasonable price which is not going to make you go home broke after a holiday. To see the detail information about the price for every fleet it has, you can check the list below.

Car Rental Prices

Car FleetFacilityIn-Town Service
AlphardDriver & Fuelcall
VellfireDriver & Fuelcall
Fortuner VRZDriver & Fuelcall
Pajero SportDriver & Fuelcall
All New CamryDriver & Fuelcall
Innova RebornDriver & Fuelcall
AvanzaDriver & Fuelcall
XeniaDriver & Fuelcall
ErtigaDriver & Fuelcall
Hiace PremioDriver & Fuelcall
Hiace CommuterDriver & Fuelcall
Isuzu Elf LongDriver & Fuelcall
Isuzu Elf GigaDriver & Fuelcall
Bus Pariwisata (Medium)Driver & Fuelcall
Bus Pariwisata (Big Bus)Driver & Fuelcall
Price List Car Rental

Visiting the Landmark of Lampung with Car Rental

Lampung is famous for its Way Kambas National Park. This conservation center has at least three hundred elephants and the number keeps increasing. The visitor of Way Kambas is not only able to see the elephants, but they are also able to have a direct interaction with the elephants. Here, the visitors may also see the other animals such as tiger and bear. And if you want to take pictures, it is suggested that you use remote camera.

The second landmark is Siger Tower. The magnificent building has nine roofs in shape of cone with yellow color. When you see this building from afar especially when it is dawn or sunset time, the roof which is enlightened by the sun rays looks like a shining gold.

Visiting Waterfall in Lampung with Us

Besides the landmark, Lampung has natural beauty as well to offer you. The nature has offered you a lot of beauty, and waterfall is one of them.

In Way Kanan, you can fnd Putri Malu waterfall. Putri Malu means Shy Princess. The name is derived from the shape of the water flow. It is like the back of a lady. It is located in the middle of the tropical jungle and has made it a favorite photo spot.

Still in Way Kanan, you can find another waterfall, Curup Gangsa. It offers you the waterfall with the rocky formation below. Similar to it, there is Ciupang waterfall which also offers the rocky waterfall. Only, the rocky formation is not below the waterfall, instead it is like crafted rocky wall which is flowed water from above.

To go to the spots mentioned above you can use the rental service provided by professional rent car from Big Benjaya travel agency.