Let’s Explore Indonesia with Professional Rent Car Nusantara Agency

Indonesia has so many tourist destinations which have been known very well all over the world. Many People from other countries come to Indonesia to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery it has. With the help of professional rent car nusantara, the tourist trip all over Indonesia would be much enjoyable and comfortable. Big Benjaya travel agency is one of the professional agencies in Indonesia providing the best performance of the cars in each trip you have. It has been partners with more than a thousand corporates to prove that this agency is one of the best on its level. It also has many sales point center all over Indonesia, making you easy to find the best car rental nusantara wherever you are.

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The Best Service from Big Benjaya Rent Car Nusantara

Big Benjaya rent car agency offers you the various ease and comfort in a trip. First of all, it offers you the most reasonable price that perfectly fit anyone’s budget. See the list below for the detail.

Car Rental Prices

Car FleetFacilityIn-Town Service
AlphardDriver & Fuelcall
VellfireDriver & Fuelcall
Fortuner VRZDriver & Fuelcall
Pajero SportDriver & Fuelcall
All New CamryDriver & Fuelcall
Innova RebornDriver & Fuelcall
AvanzaDriver & Fuelcall
XeniaDriver & Fuelcall
ErtigaDriver & Fuelcall
Hiace PremioDriver & Fuelcall
Hiace CommuterDriver & Fuelcall
Isuzu Elf LongDriver & Fuelcall
Isuzu Elf GigaDriver & Fuelcall
Bus Pariwisata (Medium)Driver & Fuelcall
Bus Pariwisata (Big Bus)Driver & Fuelcall
Price List Car Rental Nusantara

Besides, it only rents the cars with best performance so that you can have the best experience of renting a car exploring Indonesia’s beauty.

Indonesia’s Charm to be Explored with tLet’s Explore Indonesia with Professional Rent Car Nusantara Agencyhe Services from Car Rental Nusantara

Some people call that Indonesia is a piece of heaven on earth. Its natural beauty has invited so many people from abroad to visit the country. Some Island, like Bali has proven how Indonesia’s scenery could not be resisted.

As the maritime country, Indonesia has so many beaches, and one of the most popular is Parai Tenggiri beach in Bangka Belitung. Unlike any other beaches, this beach has different structure. The sloping structure and the green tosca water has brought people to come. The wave is also calm so that you can swim and do the fishing safely.

Rinjani mountain is another famous tourist spot from east part of Indonesia. Indonesia is surrounded by the ring of fire and no wonder that it has so many volcanoes. Rinjani is the second highest volcanoes in Indonesia. The spreading edelweiss along the way has been also one of its attractive sites. Just use the service from car rental nusantara to get here.

The next destination is Bunaken sea park which is located at Manado bay. This spot has been giving the most breath-taking underwater scene that can’t be found anywhere else. There are thirteen kinds of coral reefs with the most special one is the one which vertically pointing down as deep as 25 – 50 meters.

The newest popular destination is the Ijen crater. The blue fire was just found at Ijen crater. This phenomenon has brought so many tourists come along the way to Banyuwangi just to witness the blue fire by themselves. The phenomena of blue fire are only found in two places all around the world. One is in Island, and the other one is at the Ijen crater, Indonesia.

To visit all those tourist spots in Indonesia you can use the rent car nusantara services provided by Big Benjaya rental agency. Get the ease and the comfort for your trip.