Visit Historical Landmark in Medan with Rent Car Medan Agency

Medan is one of the old buildings in Indonesia. In 17th century it became the center of Delli governance. Then in 19th century, Medan was settled as the center of East Sumatera Residency and became busier. No wonder this city has so many historical buildings to be tourism destinations. When you want to visit Medan and see the historical buildings here, you can use rent car Medan services, i.e. Big Benjaya travel agency. This travel agency has been known for its excellent services including the best performance of the cars, and the friendly drivers which bring you to the next level of experience in renting a car.

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Historical Buildings in Medan You Can Visit with Car Rental Medan Agency

Many buildings in Medan are built with various architecture, and therefore, those buildings give certain color for this city. When you stop by in this city, don’t forget to visit some of these historical buildings here.

First of all, there is Maria Annai Velangkanni Chapel. This chapel is unique because it has Hinduism architecture style. It was built in September 2001 based on the initiative of Pastor James Barathaputra from India. Its pointed roof has sometimes deceiving so that people think the church is a temple.

The second landmark you can visit with car rental Medan services is Maimun Palace and The Great Mosque. These two buildings are next to each other being in one area. Both were built during the Delli governance with the similar architecture style.

The next historical building is called Lonsum, it stands for London-Sumatera. The building is owned by PT PP London Sumatera Indonesia which was built in 1906. This five-story building has been used as offices until now, and it is the first building in Medan which has elevator in it.

Tjong A Fie Mansion, the name is derived from the builder, a Chinese who left China to Delli, Sumatera, Indonesia. He then built a building with the combination of architecture of China, Malay, and Art Deco in 1895. He dedicated this building for his beloved wife. The private mansion and the museum was finally open for public started in 2009.

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The Iconic Building of Medan You Should Visit with us

Among those buildings, there is one building which has been the icon of Medan. It is called Tirtanadi water tower. It was built by the Netherlands colonial in 1908, this landmark is used as the water storage. This tower is 42 meters in height, and weighs 330 tons. Today, this tower is managed by drinking water government unit of Tirtanadi. You can just use Big Benjaya car rental Medan to visit this place.