Rent Car Pontianak, The Best Way to Explore Pontianak Culinary

There are many places in Indonesia that offers you culinary tourism, and one of them is Pontianak, West Kalimantan. For you who loves traveling as much as exploring new taste of world’s cuisine, then Pontianak should be put into your list since its traditional food is really amazing. To travel around Pontianak you can take the rental services from rent car Pontianak travel agency like Big Benjaya travel agency. Big Benjaya is one of the biggest travel agency which has so many sales point centers all over Indonesia. It only rents proper cars with qualified drivers for its customers. When you travel with Big Benjaya you will get nothing but comfortable and enjoyable trip.

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Let’s Explore Pontianak Culinary with The Best Rent Car Pontianak Services

Pontianak is one of province capital cities in Indonesia which is rich with various culinary. It is because this city has many ethnics live in, such as Chinese, Malay, Buginese, Javanese, Madurese, and many others. To get into the culinary spots in Pontianak you can start with Big Benjaya car rental Pontianak which has various cars for you to rent. If you cannot drive by yourself, don’t worry, this rental agency will provide you the best driver it has. And if you don’t have much cash in hand, worry is the least thing you should be, because Big Benjaya rent car Pontianak will give you a competitive price for your rent. You’ll be surprised as you see the list below.

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The Best Culinary in Pontianak: Reach Them by Using the Car from Car Rental Pontianak

Exploring Pontianak is not going to be complete before you taste its main menu. Exploring the new taste of the world would bring you double satisfaction from a trip. Before exploring Pontianak, put these places into your list, so you won’t miss them on your trip. And make sure that you use car rental Pontianak service which guarantee your safety and comfort during the trip.

First, we have Petrus ice cream. As we all know that Pontianak is an equator city, the hot weather is common in daily life. That’s why ice cream has become favorite menu for everyone in Pontianak. Petrus ice cream is one of legendary ice cream stall. The name is derived from the road it belongs to. Here, you can choose the flavor you like as well as the topping.

Chai cake. This traditional cake is quite unique. It is made from rice flour and tapioca flour. It is made by steamed or some people would like the other version, fried ones. Both gives you tasty flavor and it is commonly eaten by dipping into sauce.

Another option for you is called Sapo Tahu seafood. Well, it is favorite of many people since the meal has a very strong seafood scent. And because a lot people, either local people or visitors, like this food, this is one kind of food that you can find easily in Pontianak. Almost along the street in all over Pontianak, you can find the merchant who sell Sapo Tahu seafood.