Find Best Rent Car Semarang for Your Trip

Being mobile is evitable in today’s world activities. For some times ago, we were stopped by the emerge of Covid-19 which didn’t allow us to be mobile as fast as we do daily. But now, as the virus’ spread has been able to be minimized by the vaccine, the world’s mobile is getting start over again. Many activities are conducted again, production and business slowly start to move backward. Car, as the main vehicle to help us to do the mobilization is an important part of today’s rotation. Moving from one place to another would be much easier by the car. Therefore, if you don’t have one, or your company cannot afford one yet for the employee’s mobilization, then you can count on the rent car services provided. Big Benjaya rent car Semarang is one of the services you can rely on when you need move here and there in Semarang and around. Not only available for personal rental, this car rental Semarang service is also available for the corporate need, government duty, and also for the group tour, such as band tour or study tour for students.

rent car semarang rental

Why Big Benjaya is The Best Car Rental Semarang?

Big Benjaya rent car Semarang has started to provide car rental services for customers since 2005. Since that time, no one and no corporate has given negative respond to the services given. Especially about the price. With the best and most comfortable services, you can get it in a quite affordable price. For further detail, check the table below.

Car Rental Prices

Car FleetFacilityIn-Town Service
AlphardDriver & FuelRp. 3.000.000
VellfireDriver & FuelRp. 3.000.000
Fortuner VRZDriver & FuelRp. 1.500.000
Pajero SportDriver & FuelRp. 1.500.000
All New CamryDriver & FuelRp. 1.500.000
Innova RebornDriver & FuelRp. 750.000
AvanzaDriver & FuelRp. 550.000
XeniaDriver & FuelRp. 550.000
ErtigaDriver & FuelRp. 550.000
Hiace PremioDriver & FuelRp. 1.200.000
Hiace CommuterDriver & FuelRp. 1.100.000
Isuzu Elf LongDriver & FuelRp. 1.200.000
Isuzu Elf GigaDriver & FuelRp. 1.300.000
Bus Pariwisata (Medium)Driver & FuelRp. 1.500.000
Bus Pariwisata (Big Bus)Driver & FuelRp. 2.500.000
Price List Car Rental Semarang

Besides, there are several services that you can get from this rental car service which based in Semarang. When you need a private car for yourself, you don’t have to worry, because individual rent is available here. With various options of car, you can enjoy the ride safely with the experienced driver who definitely would disappointment. And, if you and your big family want to go on vacation, still, Big Benjaya car rental is the one you can count on. With mini bus and van available, there’s just no worries that the vehicle won’t be enough for the whole of your family.

Rent Car Semarang Which Bring You to The Best Place in Semarang

When you go around Semarang, don’t forget to spoil your taste by visiting some legendary culinary spots here. First of all, there is Oen Shop. This very old shop has been established since 1936. It provides you various kind of menu, especially Europe, Javanese, and Chinese meals. Plus, you will also be exposed to the colonial situation while you enjoy the meals.

The second place is Sate and Gule Kambing 29. For the meat lovers, this place is a perfect option to have meal. Since 1945, this place has been known for its famous gulai and sate buntel.

The third place is located at gang Lombok, and therefore the name is Lumpia gang Lombok. The lumpia’s inside is the young bamboo which has been favorite snacks for Semarang people. You can enjoy it with some sauce and cucumber cuts. And you can go to all this place by using the service from car rental Semarang available.