Rent Car Labuan Bajo, A Nice Trip to Enjoy the Beauty of Labuan Bajo

Komodo National Park in Labuan Bajo offers the exotic scenery, and of course, the komodo which has become endangered species so that it needs serious conservation. Therefore, Komodo Island has become one of the world heritage sites UNESCO. To explore its beauty and its incredible view you can use the rent car Labuan Bajo service, such as Big Benjaya rental agency. This rent car service only serve its customers the best cars and best drivers. The cars provided are always in its best performance. For this reason, it has become partners with big corporates such as Bank Indonesia and Indofood company. So, the best and the most comfort is a guarantee by car rental Labuan Bajo by Big Benjaya rental agency.

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What You Can Get from Rent Car Labuan Bajo Services

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Car Rental Prices

Car FleetFacilityIn-Town Service
AlphardDriver & FuelRp. 4.500.000
VellfireDriver & FuelRp. 4.500.000
Fortuner VRZDriver & FuelRp. 2.200.000
Pajero SportDriver & FuelRp. 2.200.000
All New CamryDriver & FuelRp. 2.300.000
Innova RebornDriver & FuelRp. 950.000
AvanzaDriver & FuelRp. 800.000
XeniaDriver & FuelRp. 800.000
ErtigaDriver & FuelRp. 800.000
Hiace PremioDriver & Fuelcall
Hiace CommuterDriver & FuelRp. 1.425.000
Isuzu Elf LongDriver & FuelRp. 1.600.000
Isuzu Elf GigaDriver & FuelRp. 1.750.000
Bus Pariwisata (Medium)Driver & FuelRp. 2.500.000
Bus Pariwisata (Big Bus)Driver & Fuelcall
Price List Car Rental Labuan Bajo

Car Rental Labuan Bajo Will Take You to The Best Five Destinations in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a city located at the West s ide of Flores in Nusa Tenggara Timur province. At the beginning, this small city is just a small fisherman town, but then it becomes the transit spot for the people who wants to go to Komodo Island.

Since Labuan Bajo is located on the coastal area, it has the beauty of the sea as the main attractive point. What is people long for is when the sunset turns the color of the sky into gold-orange. Here, you are presented with such an amazing dramatic silhouette of the small islands near the harbor. And to get there, you use the service from car rental Labuan Bajo nearby.

Besides the sunset, Labuan Bajo also offers you some other amazing scenery. One of the most favorite spots to be visited is Cunca Wulang waterfall. It is located about 300 meters to the East from Labuan Bajo itself. To get here, you need to get through the jungle first for about 30 minutes. But after that, what you see it’s worth all of those trekking.

Then, there’s Loh Liang National Park. To see the komodo with its real habitat, well, it is the place. Here, you can see the komodo from 2-3 meters away only. But you don’t need to worry, because along your long journey through the savannah the park rangers will guide you.

And since Labuan Bajo is a coastal area, you should never leave the sunset behind. Here, there’s Kalong Island. Kalong means bat. And therefore, in this island you’ll be presented with super big bat population. The best time to visit this place is on the dusk. You can sail your boat, and when it’s the time, just lay yourself on the deck, and enjoy the bats starting flying away trying to reach the golden-range sky.

And remember, all those beauty is possible to be reached by the help of professional rent car Labuan Bajo service from Big Benjaya Travel Agency.